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Our History

The history of AR Canales began to be written 45 years ago, when Don Aníbal R. Canales established a customs agency in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, to serve the importing and exporting companies. In its beginnings it served mainly the sugar mills that exported to the United States, but as time went by, the company expanded the spectrum of economic sectors of the companies to which it provided its services.

In 2006, his son Dr. Augusto R. Canales joined the work team of Don Aníbal to contribute 20 years of experience in the private sector and new work models. That same year, he is appointed as a substitute customs agent and shortly thereafter receives from the Mexican government the customs agent patent, thus consolidating the company as a supplier of the customs clearance service.


Our Clients

Meet the particular needs of each company is important to fulfill our quality policy.

We have had the opportunity to serve companies from various economic sectors and subsectors (according to the SCIAN), among which are the construction, transport and, food industry, wood and machinery manufacturing, among others.

Nuestros Clients

Social Impact

In AR Canales, we believe that sharing with others and providing for the needs of people are some of the best ways to value society.

For this reason, we share a part of what we have received to support people, institutions and organizations.

Impacto Social
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